Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it NOT...

What happened to the days where I complained because we never really had a cold winter?  I want those days back.  I never used to be cold and now it seems like the only time I'm not cold is in this hot office (that has not had a/c since last April and is a dreary musty smelling basement) and when I'm in my bed with the heated mattress pad turned on.   Anyways, apparently after the small bout with an ice storm last week looks like we are in for about 2 to 3 inches of snow this evening.  I know that many people are very happy about this and in all reality I don't mind it as long as I don't have to work late and miss Match 38 tonight.  

DNOW was a week and a half ago and it was an awesome experience.  I saw God moving in the hearts and lives of teenagers in a way I had never experienced.  It was life changing for me and I truly believe for many of them also.  I see a twinkle in some of their eyes that I hadn't seen before. God is faithful and I am very excited about seeing where things go from here.  God's plans will be walked out in their lives and I love being part of it.   I was very blessed to have been ministered to along side our students by Kari Jobe & Ben Pirtle.  They are both amazing and gifted ministers that ushered in the presence of God in a way that was tangible.  It was truly amazing and Kari pointed out something that made me look at their generation differently, they are a very "real" in your face, honest group of students, and when that is harnessed and used for God's purposes its going to be a danger zone to the enemy!  How exciting to realize that the way they are and the things that are different from our generation are meant for such a time as this!  They will change their world for the kingdom one reality at a time! 

This experience has also convinced me that it is also time to jump on the summer camp bandwagon and just go for it.  It is totally out of my comfort zone but I think its important if I'm encouraging them to go that I go with them.   Rocky loves it, the kids love it and they are convinced that I will love it too.  I'll let you know about the 2nd week of July. 

That's all for this entry, I may be back later if more random things pop into my head to share.