Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Rocky!!!

On his actual birthday we both took the day off from work and drove down to the Mississippi Gulf Coast to eat at the Beau Rivage. It is a beautiful hotel/casino in Biloxi. They have an amazing buffet and a gorgeou marina where people with the big bucks can park their boats. We had a lovely drive and enjoyed just having some time to away. The only negative aspect of the day was the a/c going out in the Explorer, but we'll cross that bridge in the spring when we need it again.


Happy Birthweek Rocky (part 2)

These pictures were taken at our house on Sunday afternoon. We had my parents and sisters family come for home made red velvet cake (always what he gets for his birthday) and present opening. He received a gift card for Walmart and Bass Pro Shop and I got him a Game Camera that hangs on a tree and takes pictures of deer when they walk by. He is tickled, so I guess I did good. I guess we'll know this Saturday when he goes to check it if it works well or not.

As usual trying to avoid the camera by putting the gift bag in front of his face.

Justin, Sandy and Hannah hanging out on the love seat.

Mitchell and Sandy hanging out on the couch.

Notice how Sandy is always where the LOVE is. She'll do anything for a belly rub!

Happy Birthweek Rocky (part 1)

In our house we somehow manage to drag out birthdays to last pretty much for a whole week. The first birthday event was at the Red Beans and Rice Festival at Trustmark Park. It is a very fun event. You spend $10 and eat much more than you should and decide which one is the best. It's not usually a difficult decision, there are several that always stand out above the rest. Our dear friends Dawn & Jeff joined us and it was a beautiful day to be outside enjoying some red beans. The theme this year was "Raiders of the Lost Bean" so all of the booths were decorated and the people were dressed like characters in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They did a great job.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fun New Layout (this is it Missi)

This picture was taken at the pre New Years Eve Crop at ASF in December of 2007.

Back to the real world...

...after a nice fun long weekend. I took Friday off and so did my BFF, she came to the house and we spent the day watching chick flicks and scrappin'! It was a fabulous peaceful and productive day. Our husbands decided we are both much more productive in that setting. I completed 13 pages, 12 of which were in a vacation album that I just wanted to be done with (so they were very simple) and Dawn did 9 (I think). I guess they just don't get the whole idea of a crop is not just about the pages, but about the fellowship, friendships and fun we have when we get together with a bunch of other scrappers for the night! But, at least now that ASF is closed we do still have my house until another option makes itself available to us.

Saturday I went and did some more Christmas shopping and then we went to the fair that evening with Dawn, Jeff, their kids and their friends. It was hot when we first arrived, but not long after it was perfect fair weather with a nice breeze, we had a great time.

The petting zoo was quite an experience the goats were cute but quite hungry.....

and the camel well he was quite friendly as you can see. I guess he really wanted that carrot in my hand, but he kind of freaked me out when he made it clear he wanted it, as you can see, ha.

Sunday was another lovely church service, then lunch at Keifers. We had to go there after not buying a gyro at the fair either time we went because they were ridiculously priced and Keifers' is much better anyways. After that we went to visit Rocky's brother who was in the hospital. Still not sure what is up, but he was running fever and chills with no other symptoms so they were being cautious because of the undefined brain tumor and the meds that he takes. So far, still no diganosis as to the cause of the fever, but he was borderline dehydrated also. He was feeling better when we saw him and hoping to go home today. Keep them in your prayers please. After that we went home and I just vegged the rest of the day. I went to bed at 8:00 and watched TV till 10, then it was off to lala land.

So, that's it for my nice long fun weekend, hope you had a great one and have a fabulous upcoming week.

Surprise, Surprise......

I am not sure if this shirt is just made to be very flattering or if finally it is starting to show that I've lost over 20 pounds this year, but I saw this photo and actually was encouraged to keep working. That is my handsome hubby behind me on the left and my best friends handsome hubby behind me to the right. Dawn was taking the picture so wasn't in it...why I didn't take the opportunity to use her nice new fancy smancy camera and make sure she got in a picture I do not know....sorry about that Dawn...we know you were with us, even if the pictures don't tell us so.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Latest Creation

I lifted this idea from another scrapper and made it my own. I am very pleased with the finished product. I am contemplating making a few more. This one is a Christmas present for a special somebody in my life.

Not to much going on around here, but it is Friday for me. I took tomorrow off to spend the day scrappin' with my friend Dawn. It's been a long time since we scrapped together and I'm looking forward to it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's Tuesday...

...not to much going on around here, I guess that is why I haven't posted much, nothing new or exciting to talk about. Not sure if I posted last week or not but I lost 2 pounds, this week I maintained. It was a busy event filled weekend and I did not make good choices. I didn't blow it as badly as I have many times in the past, I just didn't make the best decisions about what I was eating. I'm focused today and will see a loss next week.

That's all folks.....