Thursday, August 27, 2009


...of real change are becoming clear. With the program I am on my daily calorie amount changes weekly. It's a 6 week cycle and the last 2 weeks are 2000/2500 calories per day so every time I get to the end of the cycle I plan 1 night out that I can eat whatever I want and as much of it as I want. No guilt allowed. This is the last week of the cycle so I chose to go to Olive Garden and indulge in the "Never Ending Pasta Bowl". This is a tradition for us, we wait every year for them to have it and as is our habit we usually go 2 times while they have this promotion (only 1 time this year). We love it. Anyways, in the past I've always been easily able to enjoy at least 2.5 servings of pasta, plus ample breadsticks and salad. Not this time....I ate all of the original serving, ordered the 2nd serving basically on principle (just had to cause I could) and I was unable to even eat 1/2 of that serving. I could have forced the issue but I was so tickled by the reality that I was aware of being full and chose to stop before I made myself miserable for the next 4 hours that I chose not to. I'm amazed daily at how right choices are becoming second nature and so thankful that when temptation comes that I have a God whose small still voice reminds me of how far I've come. So glad to be a daughter of the Most High God!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Robin...are you really hungry?

I have a small dry erase board on my refrigerator with this question written on it?

After reading my chapter today (Mark 8) and then reading the devotional that our pastor's wife writes every day, my mind and heart have been stirred about hunger all day long.

My first thought is that my body was created to tell me when its hungry, God made it that way and yet over the years I was able to destroy that mechanism by overloading the system on a continual basis. Gradually over the past 6 months I have seen that hunger mechanism being restored in me. It has taken determination, dedication and sheer perseverance at times, but my body is again letting me know when it's hungry.

My next thought is that I believe that when God made me into a new creation a hunger for Him was part of that process. I can see that like the natural hunger mechanism for food that it is possible to ignore the hunger for Him and feed the longings and desires within you with so many other things that you no longer recognize the gnawing feeling as a hunger for God but simply a need from within to fill a void. As with natural hunger I am thankful that He never leaves or forsakes me, I am determined to see that mechanism to be completely restored in me!

Father, I ask right now for restoration of an overwhelming hunger for time with You and time in Your word. Forgive me for feeding my spirit more often than not with things that are not from you. I ask Lord that anybody reading this would also see a need and desire to be truly HUNGRY for YOU! In Jesus name, AMEN!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Revelation 12:11

"I am an overcomer by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony." Revelation 12:11

This scripture has been one that I have repeated to myself many times over the past few weeks, it has helped me to walk thru something that in the past would have been a reason to thow up the white flag and surrender to the scale. Instead, I find myself being thankful for the Word of God that speaks life and gives me strength to stand and continue even when at times like this it seems as though I hit a wall.

My understanding of the weight management program that I've been doing was designed so that you wouldn't hit a PLATEAU. I've not lost any weight in 3 weeks and though it has been frustrating and caused me to do some serious looking at what areas I need to be more diligent about, it has not brought self sabotage, instead there is victory! In the past this would have given me every excuse and reason I could possibly have needed or wanted to BINGE and guess what....I DIDN'T!! God is so faithful to send people who encourage, lift me up and are even willing to point out areas that maybe needed some tweaking. I love His people and how He loves me thru them.

I am truly in awe of all that God has done on this journey towards health and an increase in self confidence. There is such a peace about this new way of life and therefore, even though I have been frustrated I have not been deterred, I have truly felt an annointing on this path. I love how I feel, I love that I don't cringe at who I see in the mirror, and mostly I love that I have no thoughts in the back of my head saying "give up" or "just quit", I love that I can see myself healthy and much thinner.

My God is an awesome God and He always cause me to triumph!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


When opportunity knocks on your door it is your choice to decide what your attitude will be. Yesterday, I had the opportunity to choose between being disappointed or seeing progress even if the progress wasn't as great as I'd have liked. I chose to see PROGRESS, disappoint is a devil word, progress is a God word, I choose GOD's words!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Cruise Countdown...

Yes, I'm excited I have countdowns again!

We are officially booked for cruise #4!! We'll be leaving New Orleans on February 13, 2010 to go to Belize, Isla Roatan and Cozumel!! Another beautiful 7 days on the open sea! We can't wait, but I suppose we'll have to since we don't leave for another 194 days, but at least its booked! Now the goal is to get it paid in full QUICKLY!!