Saturday, August 30, 2008

Go Away Gustav....

I am not even sure at this moment where the hurricane is, because I have tried to avoid it and ignore it for just one more day. I do know that it is a Category 4, but right now I don't know what they are projecting today, it has changed several times in the past few days. Maybe tomorrow will give them a better picture when it actually gets into the gulf of Mexico. I said after going through Katrina that I would not work thru another one, another case where I should stop saying what "I won't do". More times then not, I end up eating those words.

But, since I was ignoring it today, I've had a nice day. We had ladies bible study this morning, it was nice. I think I mentioned before that it's on rejection and I still have a lot of thinking, praying and soul searching on this subject, so right now I'm not going to even try to put it in words. There is a knowing in my spirit that when this study is complete that I will be changed by what God is showing me. He loves me, so what anybody else thinks or doesn't think should not matter, I want to be in that here's to getting there!!

After bible study I went by my parents to see their new RV and to check out little Daisy's new haircut. She doesn't look like a baby anymore, she's moved into the teen years, with blue bows and all. She's is just so irresistably cute and sweet, you just want to eat her up.

I left there and had to acknowledge Gustav long enough to go to the office and input a request to MEMA for a generator for one of the smaller towns in Hinds County. As I was leaving Rocky called to tell me the battery was dead on the MONSTER truck. This meant the trip I was fixing to make to Hobby Lobby was squashed. I went to deer camp, picked him up and we went home. I made a birthday card or 2 (cause its almost my sister's birtdhay!!) and then we headed to Hobby Lobby. Since his issue spoiled my trip, he told me he'd take me out there. I love that store, they have awesome sales! I got some cardstock paper stacks and a 13x13 self healing mat. I'm trying to stock up on paper since we are going to Crop Connection, the more stuff I stock up on now, the less $$$ I have to have when the time comes.

We left HL and drove over the spillway headed to Red Lobster for Joey's Birthday dinner. It was good and we had a good time. We were going straight from there to the races, but I decided I really wasn't up to it tonight, so he dropped me off and headed out. Now I'm fixing to go take out these contact lenses get comfy and snuggle up with my dog and a book and just kick back. I'm going to try and stay up as late as I can. I have to work on changing my sleep habit because as of right now come Monday I'll be working 12 hours shifts 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. until this Gustav situation is over. I hope that will be very quick!!

Good night!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Heather!

After the weekend crop was over, we went to dinner with our dear friends to celebrate the 19th birthday of their lovely daughter. We thoroughly enjoyed the company and the meal. Amerigo's is yummy and oh my goodness I must have more Orange Creamsicle CAKE!!! Love ya Heather!!

A Scrappin' Good Time

I headed off on Friday morning with my mind set on completing 10 layouts for the weekend. I technically did, but one of the layouts is a two page layout, but each side counts as 1 layout in my mind. So for your enjoyment here they are. It is dreary outside today so some of the colors on a few of the layouts did not come out nearly as pretty as they are in real life (especially of Sandy and her squirrel) but this gives you a good idea of what I did all weekend.

Palmer's 2nd Birthday pictures. Aren't they a beautiful family.

Sandy loves her stuffed squirrel so these pictures were perfect for this layout.

There are not many times that we have a picture taken of just the 4 of us.

This was taken at mom's 60th Birthday Party.

Pictures of the kids swimming at mom & dad house in August 2008.

This is the "title" page in my cruise album that is the beginning of layouts taken on our 2nd cruise.

Pictures were taken at a Horse Show on Memorial you can tell she was tired
of waiting for her turn to ride that day.

These pictures were taken at youth camp in the summer of 2008.

This is self explanatory...he is my LOVE KITTY!

Mitchell was baptized on July 20, 2008 in a swimming pool

by Pastor Chuck Ford of Harvest Family Church.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Nice Long Weekend

I'm leaving at noon today for a nice long weekend. I won't be back at work until Tuesday the 26th. There is a weekend crop at ASF and I can't wait to get there and get to work. I have a lot of pictures to choose from, so hopefully I'll get inspired and get a lot of scrappin' completed this weekend. More than likely I won't be posting until Sunday or Monday, but figured I'd drop a quickie just to let my faithful few that I was not ignoring you, just enjoying a great long weekend and will be back with plenty of fun things to have a gander at. Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pampered Chef Party Anyone???

I had a lovely evening with lovely ladies last night. I attended a PC show at Adrienne's house. It was nice, the company was great and the food as always was FANTABULOUS! I enjoyed it so much and love the product so much that it did not take much to twist my arm into having a party of my own. We did not set a date yet but as soon as we do I will be getting invitations PLEASE COME! I don't like to have parties and nobody shows up, so don't let me down...come enjoy good food and good fun and great company (I mean hello I'll be there won't I??). Anyways, just thought I'd put a shout out, be prepared your invitation is coming. Be there or be square!! Although I suppose that it is Hip to be Square, so maybe I should rephrase...PLEASE COME, I'm begging. Only kidding.

Really I'm just wasting time till lunch and anxiously waiting to hear from the boss's wife about his surgery. Hopefully it won't be to long till we get an update.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekends are to short...

...but we had a nice one. Rocky was off all day long on Saturday, so we got up early and headed south on the Natchez Trace. Our destination....Fat Mama's Tamales in Natchez. They have moved to their new location and it was nice to be able to enjoy their amazing tamales inside and not out in the heat with the bugs. We enjoyed our lunch and then we headed to the Natchez Convention Center to attend the Antique Knife Show. There were a lot of really old expensive knives in the show. I was in awe of the prices, wow. Most of them did not even have price tags, I suppose it was one of those situation where if you have to ask the price then you can't afford it. We enjoyed just wandering around and seeing all the different things they had. After the knife show we headed back to Jackson.

When we got home I prepared the food for our family gathering that evening. It was a nice evening, we were un-celebrating my Uncle's 50th birthday. He didn't want a big shin-dig so we got together and had some great food, good conversation and enjoyed each others company. I forgot my camera for the Natchez trip, but I remembered it for the evening, so here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.......

Cousins: Megan, Bobby & Amy

Mitchell, Hannah & Justin...swimming of course....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost Friday...

I have done really well this week but am surprised at how little food my body needs to be satisfied and how rarely I am actually truly hungry. It has been eye opening that is for sure. I am just about on a schedule of 3 meals a day at regular times. I guess my body had plenty of excess calories to be rid of before it was able to find "normal".

Enough of that, I just finished my layout for the weekly design team dare/challenge at ASF. We had to create an embellishment with chipboard and dress it up. I made a photo corner, covered it with patterned paper, added a small metal embellishment that says "me & you" and a flower. Voila...challenge COMPLETE.

Top Left: You don't choose your family, they are God's gift to you, as you are to them.

There is hidden journaling behind the picture (you can pull it out from the right side). It says: This picture was taken at the Mother-Daughter Tea hosted by Harvest Family Church in May 2005. We had a great time and I was glad my mom was there with me.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just another day in the neighborhood...

And it's a rainy icky dreary day at that. Not to much going on in my neck of the woods. All the nieces and nephews have returned to school. Hopefully this will be a good year for all of them.

Still no change in my weight, at least I am managing to maintain, but it's time to pull it together and get things moving in the right direction. I am focusing this week on only eating when my body tells me it is hungry and trying to find the "point of satisfied/full". I have spent so many years destroying that natural mechanism that God created within me and this past Sunday at church the message was based on the scripture that says "my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge". As the message came out the reality of it was that its not that the knowledge is not available its that we choose not to use it or acquire or we just plain ignore it. I have the knowledge available to me to be healthy and lose weight, yet I sit back and ignore it and therefore am destroying my body due to a lack of walking in the knowledge that has been provided to me. So, it is my desire to use this knowledge and lose this weight! I will not quit, I will not give up, I will not be destroyed!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not sure I like this, but here it is....

This layout was for the weekly challenge at A Scrappin' Friendsy.

Had to use: 5 patterned papers, 5 ribbons, 5 stamps, 5 embellishments & 5 fasteners

It's a little busy for my tast and I think my pictures kind of got lost in all the "stuff" and the colors. This might actually be my very first "redo" but I'm gonna leave it for now and see how I feel about it in a week or so. I may decide by then that it's okay and just be glad 2 more pictures have been scrapped.

The pictures were taken on our cruise in February 2008. One of the nights in the dining room the dance staff had us all up and dancing, it was so much fun, even if I have no idea how to do the Macarena and was at least one if not 2 steps behind every body else. It was great to see even Rocky get up and dance.

Tomorrow is Friday...

Sorry, I have been AWOL but there just has not been much worth writing about this week. More frustration at work and issues that I have absolutely no control over, so no since even taking time out of my day or yours.

My eating is out of hand, my scale thankfully has not budged, I'm still stuck at 275 and in reality I'm not even sure why it has not budged in the upward motion, but I won't complain. Not sure just how long my body will allow it to stay the same, so I really have to find my way back to restraint. Not sure why it's been so hard to get focused, but it has. As always I will prevail, just not sure which day that will begin. Sigh.

Nothing more to say for now.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The day after....

...the Friday night crop. We had a great time I did end up leaving early due to circumstances I will not discuss openly, though there are those who know why, hee hee. I did manage in 3 hours time to accomplish 1 layout. It's actually quite a simple layout but it took me forever to figure it out, then when it was done, I'm like what took so long. I did one layout today for the ASF challenge of the week. The challenge was to do a "Priceless" layout, like the credit card commercial. So, here are my works of art for this weekend....