Monday, April 28, 2008

Bitter Sweet Moment...

It's been a really long time since my "Mickey's" have been out of their cage (rubbermaid containers in the shed). But I just spent the last 30 minutes setting them all up nice and neatly as a family one last time on my bed and took pictures......I'm glad to be regaining some space and am thankful that I can scrapbook the pictures and have somethign to hold on to that takes up a lot less room, but its is very hard to let them go. There are actually 2 more that are already put away in my hope chest and I'm not digging them back out. They are in graduation gowns and have my class and school name embroidered on their gowns.

I hope you enjoy the pictures....hopefully soon I'll have a layout but for now pictures will have to do.

Dawn & I used this phone in our first apartment when we were roomates in 1988! Our phone number is still on the little slip of paper!! Insert smiley with tears of sentiment!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Guess What?

I lost 1 pound this week. Now I have to get back to cleaning closets for this garage sale, but I wanted to inform my public, hee hee. More Tuesday!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Another week over...

....and I am so glad. I have a lot to do this weekend and I'm ready to get started and get it over with. Thankfully next weekend is the garage sale and it will finally be over. I am just hoping to make a nice little chunk of money and get rid of all the stuff that has taken over my house. I am most definitely looking forward to using the space that is cleared out wisely...especially in my scrap room. Can't wait to do some rearranging and trying to get all my stuff arranged efficiently and get it looking cute. No major changes as in decor until after the office is turned into a haven for my husbands knife collection, but hopefully that won't take to long.

Tomorrow is the end of my 4th week on weight watchers and I have not missed a beat until today...ugh...I have the munchies really really badly. I've been dealing with a small health issue for quite some time and have not felt on top of my game and well I guess today I gave in to feeling sorry for lunch was more points that I should have eaten. Thankfullly I can eat a salad for dinner and be okay, but it just goes to show that no matter how well you do or how confident you get the battle is always there and I will continually have to stay on my toes and not give in to emotional desires to eat. I know that in reality it does not make me feel better, the feeling better is fleeting and only lasts for a moment. The victory is that I am aware of the "oops" and it is not one that was destructive, just one that could have been if I had not been paying attention and it is salvagable because I did not go over my daily points, just more than what I planned for lunch so that means I have to make a different choice for dinner, but that is what I LOVE about gives you options and it is flexible!! I'm hoping for at least a 1 pound loss....we shall see. I'll post after I weigh in tomorrow. It's almost time to get out of here, have a fabulous weekend, because I am going to! And it's a long one to boot!! God bless!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just one of those days....

....and I'm ready for it to be over. The drama at work is just unbelievable and that is all I'll say cause well it's just unbelievable, so why say anything more.

Not to much going on in my world the past few days. I spent most of the weekend feeling kind of crummy with sinus junk, but nothing major, just gave me the opportunity to take some real down time for myself. I relaxed a lot and read half of a book and can't wait to get the rest of it read now. It's the last in the latest series by Terri Blackstock. This one is called Dawn's Light and its already fabulous. The whole story line will really make you think and be thankful for all the things you take for granted in your every day life and wonder what life would be like if suddently there was no electricity or technology of any kind. We'd all be hunting up the Amish Communities trying to learn how to live and care for ourselves. Scary thought, but it has definitely been thought provoking.

I did go shopping and got Rocky a little silver Shuffle, he was coveting mine, so now he has his own. I also got some much needed under garments and a night gown...its so comfy.

Then Sandy and I went to the park and went walking. It was good and I felt good afterwards, now I need to start doing some ab work and some arm exercises with my little dumbells. I want to be in good shape not just lose weight. My goal is when I turn 40 and go on my next cruise to have nothing holding me back from doing any excursion I want to do!! There are some with weight limits and others that look fun but had to much physical activity to be enjoyable where I am now, but I will do whatever I want to do next year! Just wait and see!!

Well, I suppose I've rambled on long enough today and we get out of here in 40 more minutes. I guess I can find something to do to pass the time between now and then. Have a fabulous day and I'll check back in when I can.....

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Weigh Day...

It's only 10:00 a.m. and I have not been up long enough to post about anything other than I just weighed in....down another 3 pounds, for a total of 12 in 3 weeks!! Looking forward to a new week, with new challenges (like exercising) and seeing what can be accomplished at the end of this week. If I lose another 3 pounds then I will be at 5% and will reward myself with 10 songs from that I have a nifty little purple Shuffle I'd like a few songs that I don't have on CD. My 10% goal will be the "Clip It Up"!!! I want one really bad and decided that was a pretty great reward and will keep me motivated to get there!

I'm off to get my haircut and a few other things...everybody have a great weekend, cause I probably won't post again till next week! God bless ya!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabulous Friday...

...I was off work yesterday and boy it is hard to go back to work on Friday when you are off on Thursday. Maybe the day will go by quickly.

I enjoyed my day off (other than the dr. appt.), I was able to go shopping for shoes. I needed some new sandals and got to pair for buy one get one half off, so that was nice. I was also in great need of some new tennis shoes. Now that I am coming to the end of my 3rd week on WW it is time to start incorporating exercise into my routine. I'm confident and settled with the points and eating system again, so now I am ready to get moving. I found a nice pair of Nikes on sale for $40, they are cute, they are dark gray and the swoosh is purple, it matches my new Ipod Shuffle!

Oh, the Ipod Shuffle was another fun score this week. Rocky had given me an mp3 player for Christmas and the connection between the player and the earbuds didn't work right. Well, I pulled it out on Sunday to try and use it while I cut grass and it still wouldn't work right. I still had the box so Rocky agreed we needed to swap it out. We took it back to walmart and got refunded the money he spent (right at $40). Then we went to electronics to get another one and on the way there we saw the Ipod's on then end display. I really wanted the Shuffle but it had been $80...well low and behold it was on sale for $48.72!!! So I have a pretty purple Shuffle and I love it, it will be so great to have some good Christian tunes pumping into my ears while I'm walking! Can't wait to get started and now it matches my tennis shoes, hee hee.

Not much going on this weekend, other than starting the process of sorting the junk in my house that is going in the garage sale in 2 weeks. I'm ready for that to get here and reclaim some space in my house.

Have a great weekend...I'll post my weigh in sometime this weekend or Monday...I'm excited to see what it has to say, although I've had a great week, so I am already excited no matter what the scale says.

G0d bless!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Quiet Monday... far. It's 9:42 and my phone has maybe rang 10 times today. This is huge progress from last week. It is nice to be in a position to help people but it was also a very long, exhausting week and I'm glad its over. I keep praying that soon FEMA will make some decisions and provide aid to all the people who lost their homes to the tornadoes.

I had a nice weekend and got some scrappin' done as you can see if you check out my last few posts. I also did my grocery shopping, cleaned house and did laundry. Yesterday I went to church, cut grass and then sat on my butt the rest of the was nice.

Hopefully this is going to be a slow week, not much going on and then this weekend I have got to start going through stuff and getting ready for the garage sale the first weekend of May. My house will feel like a brand new house once all the junk and clutter is gone. I can't hardly wait, the process of getting it there is not a fun one, but it will be worth it when we are done. I just hope I make enough money to buy the comforter set and paint for the computer/office/knife room. Then we'll work on furniture for knife displays after we get that part done. We will have that room done this year, I'm determined. We say that every year and it gets put off every year, not this year, we are going to get it done.

I also want to paint the front bathroom but not sure when I'll get that done. I have some cute new butterfly decor but don't want to put it all up until I get it painted. There is not much area to paint but there are lots of things that need taped off before I can paint and I don't know when I'll have the energy or time to get that part of the process completed. But it will get done sooner than later.

So, if you aren't bored yet with my exciting weekend then you are definitely a devoted reader, but if you are then I'll just go ahead and shut up since there isn't much else to say.

Although I would like to take a moment and praise God for all He is in my life and how amazing He is. He is my protector, my guide, my Father, my friend, He is all that I need and I'm so thankful that He chose me to be His very own. I am in awe of who He is and how much He loves me.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

More Weekend Layouts

I sure do miss the ASF gallery! I love being able to post here, but you don't realize how much you appreciate peoples comments until you don't have a gallery to post in. Thanks to all of you at ASF who keep things going and to JoJ for all of your hardwork getting things put back together again. I don't know that anybody truly understands just how much you put into our community. God bless you for all of your hard work and determination.

Okay, so now for some more layouts I did yesterday......

Journaling on left: Paco & Rita Flamago never came to dinner. We didn't get to see the Flamagos in Progresso because of a cab driver looking for big money.

(explanation: Before the cruise Dawn & I were wanting to see the flamingo reserve in Progresso. We convinced the guys that it was a worthy picture taking trip. When we got there the cab driver wanted a $60 fare and not a $6 fare, so he told us that it was not flamingo season. Sadly we found out later that evening that he was not truthful with us. Somehow during the rest of the trip since we didn't get to see the flamingos and the other couple at our table never showed up, we dubbed the missing couple "Paco & Rita Flamago".)

Journaling on right: Bob & Claudette were from NY. They were very nice and easy to talk to.

Journaling: It's a rare day when it snows in Terry, MS. When it does it is definitely a day for pictures. Sandy was not as happy as I was. January 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Layouts from Last Nights Crop

This was taken on the cruise on formal night.
Mi amore' is quite the handsome fellow if I must say so myself.

This picture was taken while the girls were getting ready for mysister's wedding. She looks like she is ready to get this show on the road.

This was also taken the day Dawn & Todd got married andI would love to know what exactly my nephew was thinking about.

It's Saturday!!

I have not been so glad to have a week come to an end since Hurricane Katrina. It was a crazy week with many stressful situations to deal with and many things to overcome. But in the process of doing so I was victorious. I did not strangle my co-worker (who shall remain nameless) and that is definitely a good thing, because there were a few times it could have been a close call if I had chosen to give in to my flesh as opposed to working towards walking in love. I don't believe I accomplished that exactly but we are both in one piece and this is a good thing.

Also, another victory came in the form of food! I did not overeat, I did not eat without thinking about what I was eating and how much I was eating even one time. I did chose yesterday to forgo an actual lunch and had a frosty float, but it was allowable considering the week I had and it was within my points. So this was definite progress because stress is usually a major breaking point for me and food. I kept reminding myself in the end the food would not make me feel better, it would make me feel worse.

So, now that all that is said....I lost 3 pounds this week!! For a total of -9!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just call me "The Blue Tarp Lady"'s been crazy since the tornadoes on Friday. It started out a nice quiet normal kind of day and then as you all know out of nowhere the storms they were expecting about 4:00 p.m. decided to make a nasty visit around noon instead. It was crazy, lots of things happened all at the same time, and made it even crazier.

There is a LOT of damage out there and due to many many many homes being damaged our office is distributing blue tarps for people to cover their rooves with for the next few days. Yesterday my phone literally did not stop ringing continuously until about 4:20 p.m. and I think that was simply because most people were on their way home from work or getting ready to go home from work. I love to be able to help people, but my neck and ear were so past sore when I got home that I dread having to be on the phone all day today. But, I just spent some time praying that it will go smoothly, that our guys will be organized and distribute many tarps today and that we get them all out before the rain sets in either Wednesday or Thursday. So here's to a God who is faithful and whos promises are all yes and amen!!!

On a good note..I lost 6 pounds for my 1st week on WW!!! But now...I must sign off and head to work and probably will be busy all day because my phone number was again on the news, so I expect it to begin ringing oh about now, but I'm so not getting there till 8 today.

Ta ta for now!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

McAlister's Rocks!!!

I'm so excited...they finally have NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION available. We eat there every Wednesday either before or after church and now that I'm back on WW I don't have to guestimate any longer. And excitedly some of the things I tend to choose as my faves are lower on the point scale. You'd think nice fresh deli sandwiches would be much healthier, not so much, but still now I can go and know what I'm getting. There are a few items that aren't on the list, but for the most part I'm covered. So I just had to share my excitement!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Few New Layouts

These pics were taken at my Mom's Surprise 60th Birthday party, which was obviously a Mardi Gras theme. Our men went a bit overboard with the beads...doncha think?

This one is quite self explantory...I mean look at those beautiful baby blues!!

Oh my gosh..

...the lightning this morning was awesome yet somewhat frightening. There were a few bolts that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It rained a bit on and off until I got to work and then guess what happened? If you guessed that the sky fell out and I had 3 bags of stuff to carry in and that my umbrella is leaned against the wall inside my office...then you are CORRECT. So now my hair is nice and wet and I smell hairspray and my shirt is soaked and I'm sacrificing 4 points to a cappucino for breakfast. I did also have a wonderful serving of WW Amaretto Cheesecake Yogurt, oh my it was fine. So 5 points for breakfast is not bad if I don't get to the point of starving by 10:30 because there is no substance to the cappucino, but I was freezing.

We went grocery shopping last night and I must say that I forgot how expensive it is to eat healthy. All the powers that be gripe about how unhealthy and overweight americans are, yet the food prices are so ridiculously high that its easy to see why that is the fact. When its cheaper and easier to buy the prepackaged ready to go food then that is what people on low to middle incomes are going to purchase. On another note it feels good to have food in my house that is good for me and I'm looking forward to cooking again. It's been a long time since I cooked and enjoyed it. I think that is because there was so much guilt in what I was eating that if I had to cook it the guilt lasted longer. If you go buy something not good for you at a fast food joint, you buy, you eat, you feel bad then you move on. But if you cook it, you have to stand and feel guilty the whole time you are preparing and cooking and eating and then cleaning up.....therefore cooking becomes part of the "ick" factor of overeating.

Looks like the rain is letting up and maybe the sun is coming out? Not sure because I don't have any windows. I do have a rooftop camera that feeds into a monitor on my desk, but the monitor is black and white so I can't really tell if its the sun, but I can actually see the parking lot again so that means the rain has definitely let up at least right here.

Not much exciting going on yet, but it's only 8:30, so for now that's all, but who knows I may be back later...toodles...