Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rocky's New (used) Toy!

As long as I have known my husband he has wanted a 4-wheeler. Most of you know they are pretty proud of the brand new ones. A friend of ours called him yesterday to alert him of 2 used ones that were for sale at a good price and in good condition. We went this morning and had a look see and left as the proud new owners of a Yamaha Timberwolf. It's older, but it runs, has new tires and a winch (I guess that was important). He is a happy camper and I am to, because now after 18 years he finally has one!!

After we got it home, I got on and rode it like a mad woman around our yard several times. It was GREAT. Rocky threatened to hide the key so the neighbors wouldn't be reporting the crazy lady riding in circles in her yard. Hee hee......

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm still here...

I just hadn't taken the time to post lately. We've been kind of busy and honestly I just really hadn't had a lot to say. Lots of exciting things going on at church and God is doing some things in my heart and I just haven't been ready to really put it out there yet. Still not sure how to put things in words just yet, but its all good. Again, I'm learning how amazingly forgiving He is, not to mention the grace and mercy that He lavishes upon me daily. I do not know how people get thru the things in life without having Him to guide them and be there strength. Soon, I'll put it all together and decide if I am going to put it out there to be read or not. I probably will because I feel like if I walk thru it and allow Him to walk it with me then the glory should go to Him and then I should be there for others in the same shoes, I want others to benefit from my mistakes and turns in the wrong directions and the grace and forgiveness that was never ending that in the end has brought peace. Not sure that made sense, but basically since I've been there, done that, come thru it, if I can't do anything else to help, I can pray for others that are there now and hope that they come thru it quicker than I did. I have always learned the hard way, I'm trying to stop that cycle.